We’re different to other foreign exchange brokers. We have one simple, fair pricing structure. It’s here for all to see. We don’t hide our rates, charge transfer fees or change the price depending on who you are.

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Are you buying a property overseas or paying overseas bills? Or does your business pay overseas suppliers?

Changing your money with a bank or foreign exchange company can be a minefield.

Most currency companies only show interbank rates on their website, not customer dealing rates.

It’s a bit like a petrol forecourt displaying the price of a barrel of crude oil instead of their price per litre.

If they all did that you wouldn’t know where to go to get the best deal.

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Eris FX is different! Our approach is to be upfront and fair.

We show you the total cost of the deal upfront on our website. No need to register with us, fill in forms or ring us first.

Eris FX is the only company to show live streaming customer dealing rates on its currency converter, that’s because we are confident that our rates are truly competitive

How we are different

Can we save you money?

We think so!

Some foreign exchange brokers make fantastic-sounding claims about how much they can save you compared to the banks.

We don’t try to guess how much cheaper we are because we don’t know what your bank is charging you.

Compare for yourself

What Eris is not

  • NOT a big bank with a complacent attitude
  • NOT staffed by commission-based dealers
  • NOT afraid to show its prices upfront on its website

What Eris is

  • IS a cost-effective way to send money overseas
  • IS open and transparent about its prices
  • IS ethical, honest and truthful